Neck Pain and Restricted Movement

There are many causes of neck pain but by far the most common cause is that the neck for whatever reason has lost its ability to move correctly and is causing irritation to the nerves in the region.

Many of us spend a great deal of time sitting, or working at computers, or performing repetitive tasks. This often causes postural problems and muscle tension in the neck, which may give rise to headaches, migraines or other pain. In addition, muscle tension caused by such stress and fatigue can put extra pressure on the joints of the neck, which can irritate the spinal nerves. This can sometimes lead to pain, known as 'referred' pain, in other parts of the body or numbness or 'pins and needles' in your shoulders, arms and hands. If a pain has not improved after several days or if a problem keeps occurring in the same area, a visit to BritChiro Clinics is advisable. The neck is very vulnerable, as it supports the weight of your head with the aid of a highly mobile system of muscles and ligaments.

If you have neck pain and/or restriction, it is wise to consult your Chiropractor as soon as possible. As primary contact practitioners we will check that you have no fractures, dislocations or paralysis but even if these are ruled out, the nerves branching out from your neck may be under stress, which is often the reason people are in pain. A Chiropractic evaluation of the spinal function often reveals the cause to be a problem we can help with. Chiropractors are primary contact practitioners, which means you do not need to see your GP before consulting BritChiro Clinics.