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Chiropractic treatment for:

Many people are surprised of the range of conditions that may be successfully treated by Chiropractic. The reason for this is that the basic mechanism and cause behind many different symptoms may be the same, namely a subluxation. A subluxation is the restriction of a joint causing irritation or pinching of the nerves. Depending on where the subluxation is, the symptoms may vary - eg, if in the upper part of the neck, headaches are often felt. If in the lower part of the neck, symptoms in the arms are often felt.

On many occasions, people consult us for Spinal Pain but, following treatment, also report improvement in a wide range of other conditions, as you may have heard yourself through friends and family. This is thought to be because the nervous system controls most functions in our body and if a nerve going to an internal organ gets compromised, that organ is likely to be affected. The reason we don't advertise treatment for these conditions, although there is much research in support, is that the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK does not, at the time of going to press, recognise the specific research and/or methods as meeting their specific standards. We expect this to change in future, allowing greater awareness of the wide-ranging potential benefits of Chiropractic care.