Babies and Children

Birth and early infancy can sometimes be a very difficult and traumatic time for both mother and baby. After the baby's head has engaged, usually during the eighth month of pregnancy, there can be a lot of stress on its head and back as it continues to move within the womb. This stress can increase further during the birth process, particularly if it is prolonged or involves breech presentation or forceps delivery. As the child grows up, and starts to walk, climb and run, the inevitable falls and bumps can affect the still-developing bones of the spine and skull. Once at school, carrying heavy bags, sitting on badly-designed chairs and participating in a variety of sporting activities may lead to stress and injury.

The result can be the tightening of muscles in the neck or back, causing the bones of the spine to lose their motion or position. This can irritate or put stress onto the nerve roots that branch from the spinal cord to the organs and tissues of the body. Instead of treating the symptoms with drugs, or assuming that the child will 'grow out of it', your Chiropractor will gently adjust the child's spine to remove the nerve stress and return his/her body to healthy healing.

When you or your child attend a BritChiro Clinic for chiropractic treatment, your Chiropractor will take a thorough medical history and will conduct standard neurological and orthopaedic tests to determine whether spinal motion is normal. Treatment normally consists of gentle adjustments to the parts of the spine which are not moving properly; your Chiropractor will use modified techniques which are comfortable and safe for children.

You get your children's teeth and eyes checked regularly, so why not their spines too? Especially when you consider the fact that our joints, in particular those of our spine, are so likely to cause problems through life.